Youth Camp: WOL Recharge 2017

(This week’s post is by Sarah, age 16.)

Last weekend a few of the youth and I spent two nights at the Word of Life Bible Institute’s “Recharge” snow camp. I was really excited because I’ve heard so much about Word of Life, and have wanted to go for a long time.
The campus in Owen Sound was covered in two feet of snow when we got there Friday evening, and it kept snowing all weekend; a huge change from our warm winter here in Oakville. But we were all ready for it, and snow camp did not disappoint!

There were way too many activities for us to try everything, but we had a great time tubing, playing soccer, running around completing a scavenger hunt, climbing the high ropes course, jumping into freezing water for the “ice cube” challenge, and eating super delicious food. The cardboard sled race Saturday night was extremely exciting, and our “Fishers of Men” fishing boat took home 1st place for design!!Over the weekend there were four sessions to attend. First of all we got to watch a creative skit the staff had put together that really got everyone thinking, then a gospel meeting on Saturday morning. We also listened to a workshop about modern culture and how to approach some difficult topics with a Biblical attitude, which was really very cool. And before we left on Sunday, there was a wonderful session about sharing your faith, which I hope most kids enjoyed and learned from as much as I did.

Above all, the highlight for me this weekend was the Word of Life staff: honestly some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. Every one of them was so pumped to be there, eager to get to know us, and passionate about Christ, I would be so down to go again just to spend more time with them. I can’t imagine better role models for the hundreds of young kids that attend their camps every year. They truly, truly inspired me.

Overall, I’m so so grateful that we had this opportunity. I had a really great time at Recharge; we all did, I think; and I will definitely be first in line if we decide to go back in the summer.