The Road

By Sarah Olivo

Sunday August 17, 2014

This week Pastor Pat began reading the story of Joseph in Genesis. We took a look at the tension that existed between Joseph and his eleven older brothers, and how it led little Joe being thrown into what seemed like a huge disaster! Of course, if you know the rest of the story, you know that God was leading him in exactly the way he needed to be going, and I wrote a poem anticipating that.

Life is a bumpy road.

With hills and rocks and ditches.

There is no way around it,

No human hands can fix it.

One day life will lead you,

Down a path that’s dark and steep

Like black and white, now it's all good,

And now you're on your knees.

We all will make mistakes,

And shipwreck on the way.

But remember what it means that

"God works in mysterious ways."

Perhaps you'll think it's your fault,

That you tripped o'er your own feet.

You might think that it's punishment,

For some past evil deed.

Whatever you may think of it,

The road will push you on.

You may begin to think God

Stayed behind at that last turn.

But listen, don’t imagine

That He's let go of the wheel,

No matter how unsure your steps,

Don’t ever start to feel

Like He's not in control, even

When all your strength gives way.

I promise that if you hold on,

You'll find it worth the pain.

'Cuz as crazy as the ride seems,

At the end when you've emerged,

You'll look back and you'll realize

He was guiding every turn.