She was always at Jesus’ feet…

This past Sunday we looked at Matthew 26, which documents several events in Jesus’ life shortly before He went to the cross.

In particular, we looked at Mary, Judas, and Peter. They all followed Jesus, but their relationship with him was quite different. And they responded to His pending death in drastically different ways.

Judas betrayed Him, Peter denied Him, but Mary worshipped Him.

You and I should emulate Mary. Every time in Scripture we see her at the feet of Jesus.

First, she’s listening to His Word. (See the end of Luke 10.)

Then, she’s pouring out her heart. (John 11)

Finally, she’s giving her best in worship. (Matthew 26).

Brothers and sisters, these are three events that we need to have with Jesus every day: listen to His Word, pour out our heart to Him in prayer, and giving our best to Him as we surrender in worship. The Bible, prayer, and worship: That’s devotion.

Be devoted to Jesus!