Reading the New Testament in 2017

I don’t know what you think of Christianity, or church, or Jesus. I lot of people today hate the church but love Jesus. I get that.

Unfortunately, many so-called Christians speak with loud voices and they don’t say very loving or even helpful things.
No matter who you are or what you think, I wanted to share an idea that I had. 2017 is just around the corner.

Let’s read the New Testament in 2017?

The New Testament is the part of the Bible that begins with the birth of Jesus. It talks about his life and the initial impact of his life, including his coming back in the future.

It would take you about five minutes a day, five days a week, to read the New Testament in a year..

I’m going to be doing it, and I want you to join me. You don’t have to be a Christian, you don’t have to be a church person, you don’t even have to tell anybody you’re doing it.

But when it comes to God and spiritual issues, doesn’t it make sense to go to the source?  When it has to do with Jesus, shouldn’t we read the book that talks about Him?

If you want to do this, I set up a page where you can download the reading plan that I’ll be using. You can also do this plan using the YouVersion Bible apps. I’ll post the links for that. I’m also going to post some helpful hints to get the most out of your reading.

Let me know if you are going to accept this invitation, this challenge to read the NT in 2017. And lets invite others. How many people do you think we could see read the New Testament that have never, ever read any Scripture? Share this with your friends, let them know if you’re going to be doing it.

Five minutes a day, five days a week. You are going to learn a lot about the God that made you and loves you.

Here’s a link to read an article about S.O.A.P.S., which will help you get the most out of your Bible reading.

Here’s the link to download the reading plan in paper form.

Here’s the link to grab it with YouVersion Bible app.