News from the Mission Field

This message is from one of the missionaries that we support, Julie Bainaird. She serves with Power 2 Change.

Dear Family and Friends,

I’m currently in Langley, BC at the Power to Change headquarters for new staff training! It’s been so exciting hearing about the history of P2C, the many ministries within our organization, and Bill Bright’s vision to reach university students that first started Campus Crusade back in 1951. Although it’s been exhausting having such long days, I’m constantly being reminded of what a privilege it is to serve God by helping students discover a relationship with Christ!

Please pray for me over the next few days:

1. That I would have energy to stay alert/learn (the 3hr time difference is hitting me much harder than I was expecting).

2. For boldness as I make phone calls on Monday so set up support appointments, and that people will want to meet and support me. (I’m currently at 53.5% of my monthly support)

3. That I’ll be able to move to Halifax and begin campus work by November 1st.

4. For all of the P2C staff and students sharing the gospel on university campuses across Canada.


Thank you so much for praying and supporting me!