Do you want to be part of building God’s kingdom in the Greater Toronto Area? Do you want to get some real life ministry experience? Come and use your gifts to serve Jesus at Calvary Chapel Oakville.


  1. Purpose: to help those interested in vocational ministry discover more about who Jesus is, who they are, and discover more of God’s calling for their life through serving in the ministry of Calvary Chapel Oakville (Eph. 4:11-12). Our desire is to equip you through teaching and practical ministry opportunities for life and ministry success.
  2. Biblical Model: God called Joshua to be an intern for Moses, Elisha for Elijah, the disciples for Jesus, and Paul for Barnabas. Each mentor prepared his intern(s) to follow God, use their gifts and influence for His glory, and to prepare others to do the same (2 Tim. 2:2).
  3. Duration: nine months to one year. Open enrolment.
  4. Weekly Ministry Time Commitment: 15-25 hours per week.
  5. General Weekly Schedule: It will vary, but usually multiple weekdays and Sundays. Interns attend monthly Core Team meetings, a weekly prayer meeting, and a weekly Leadership Development Class with Pastor Pat,
  6. Education Requirements: Interns must have completed high school or have a GED.
  7. Areas of Ministry: You will have opportunities in evangelism, special event planning, preaching/teaching, children’s ministry, tech, and more.
  8. Compensation: This is an unpaid, volunteer internship.
  9. Personal Program Goals: Each intern will work with a mentor to identify and develop work objectives and personal spiritual growth development areas.
  10. Job Description: Share Jesus with the lost, disciple people, plan outreach efforts, organize and manage visiting missions teams, use your gifts to serve in various ministries on Sunday mornings, do whatever needs to be done so that the lost will be saved, disciples will grow, and leaders will be formed!
  11. Qualifications:
    • Character: A premium is placed on Christ-like character (1Tim.3, Titus1, Gal.5:22-23).
    • Commitment: Interns must be faithful to fulfill their responsibilities (1Cor.4:2)
    • Consensus: We seek interns who share the philosophy of ministry & doctrinal views of Calvary Chapel (Ac.2:42-47)
    • Competency: Interns must be able to develop their gifts & use their skills effectively (Mt.25:20- 21).
    • Compatibility: We place a premium on the community experience & seek interns who desire same (Ac.2:42-47).
    • Compassion: Interns must be moved to care for the needs of people (Mk.6:34)
    • Courage: Interns are encouraged to take chances as led by God and to make mistakes (ideally not repeating the same mistakes) (Josh.1:1-9)
    • Calling: We desire to confirm and help the intern to recognize God’s calling upon their life (Ac.13:1-4)

Are you in?